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Our portfolio pages demonstrate some of the improved cases treated by Ortho Dental Care which restored Smiles & functional status.

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  I had gaps between my teeth ( A )

  My teeth were uneven and causing trauma

  My teeth were chipped and uneven ( A, B, C, D, )

  My teeth were crowded, uneven was causing    trauma on gum

  My teeth were out of contact with opposing arch    and had difficulty in eating and speech.

  My teeth were crowded and uneven.

  My teeth were elongated and uneven and was    causing traumatic bite.

  My central incisors teeth were lost due to faulty    orthodontic treatment.

  My teeth were coming out of the lips and spaced.

  My canine tooth was impacted (unerupted).

  My teeth were protruded and had gummy smile.

  My teeth were chipped and uneven (Attrition).

  My lower teeth were invisible and were chipped    by upper teeth.

  My teeth were badly damaged and discoloredfor    caries and uneven.

  My lower teeth were ahead of the upper teeth    and uneven.















Portfolio Case Studies

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